Long Ez   N981MP

Builder:         Mike Perry   
Engine:          Mazda Rotary 13B       
First Flight:    August 2006
Based:           ISM

Long Ez Photo

Mike with N981MP
    Me with N981MP trying to get a ballpark weight and balance

Engine Right side
                             Engine setup with first muffler and fuel pump system.

N981MP is a standard Rutan Long Ez which I started in September 1981 (hence the N981MP)  while stationed at Fort Polk, LA.  After several transfers and breaks during construction I had first flight in August 2006 at Kissimmee Gateway Airport, Florida.  The airframe was completed 1995. At this time I decided not to use the Lycoming o-290 I had due to the cost of overhauling.  During this time I found a group of builders who were experimenting with the Mazda Rotary engine.  This caught my attention since I had owned an Mazda RX-7 sports car and thought the rotary engine had a great power-to-weight advantage.   By not going the standard aircraft engine route it took me another 8 years to finally integrate the rotary into the Long Ez airframe.  The biggest hurdle was building a cooling system that would fit into the narrow cowling of the Long Ez.

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Right side cowl                Left side cowl
            Right view of cowling                                                                                     Left cowling view with P51 oil and water duct

Rear cowl     
                    Rear View   

           Left engine view
                    Front oil cooler and left rear water cooler taken off of heater outlet.

Right engine view
            Right water radiator

Original Panel                Prop carving
            Original Instrument Panel                                                                                                    Carving Prop

flight test data

IAS  135 kts                                                5130 Engine RPM                        Water Temp   204 F        Oil Temp 171 F      
TAS  153  at DA of 8330 ft

     This is the maximum speed and engine rpm I can get out of  at this time.